Critical Conversations

in 2017 Edutainment for Equity began hosting conversations with scholars and practitioners in the field of education focusing on Educating Black children.  The catalyst for each of these conversations has been the crisis Black youth have faced and continue to face in the American Education system, that seems to be further extended by the presidency of Donald Trump.  

 Dr. Pedro Noguerra discussing the similarities between the struggles faced by African American children and Latino children.

Dr. Pedro Noguerra discussing the similarities between the struggles faced by African American children and Latino children.

Educating the Black Child

Each conversation was hosted by Candice Antique and Hodari Davis, and featured DJ Davey D of Hard Knock Radio on the turntables.  We were honored to host these events at Red Bay Coffee, the only Black owned Coffee Roaster in Northern California.


Critical Conversation 1

The first event featured Dr. Chris Emdin via webcast from New York.  He helped to set the tone for the night and for the series by reminding us of how important the conversation was.  He shared pieces of his book For White Teachers Who Teach in the Hood, but more than that he shared from the heart why taking the education of Black children seriously is so important.  He was joined in conversation by several guests, including Nzinga Dugas, Zakiya Harris, Dr. Micia Mosely, and others.  We had special artistic guests including Young Gifted and Black of Oakland, and Sol Development.


Critical Conversation 3

This conversation featured Dr. Wilmer Leon the Nationally Syndicated Radio host from DC.  He offered what some thought was a conservative perspective on educating our children and was joined by Sheryl Davis of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission and LaShawn Route - Chatmon Executive Director of the National Equity Project.  This special conversation included talk about quality parenting, the role of systems vs the individual and the loss of central cultural practices that helped shield Black children from the toxicity of the system.  Former Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Obasi Davis was the featured artists, and provided great insight from the perspective of a recent High School graduate and successful College attendee.


Critical Conversation 2

Our second event featured Dr. Pedro Noguerra live at Red Bay Coffee.  Dr. Noguerra contextualized the importance of teachers and their role in the educational process.  He commented deeply on the similarities and differences between Black and Latino families and the ways they deal with those challenges.  We were joined by Dr. Cesar Cruz who performed an amazing poem about the parallels between the struggles of Black and Brown Families and youth with the American Education system.  We listened to the incredible wisdom and experience of career educator Lee Davis, Director of Young Gifted and Black of Oakland. Liz Solis and Krea Gomez helped to round out the panel and provided perspective from the trenches about these challenges.  The featured artist for this conversation was Oaklands legendary hip hop acapella band, Antique Naked Soul.


Coming Soon February 6th,  African American Arts and Culture Complex, San Francisco