Young Gifted and Black of Oakland is a Program of the Remember Project.

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Young Gifted and Black teaches Black History and pride through                                         historic poetry, contemporary rap and liberation songs.

We are YGB

Young Gifted and Black of Oakland was formed in 2010, and featured 4 youth ensembles that perform and teach Black History.  Their performances are usually somewhere between 7 - 18 Minutes and include poetic presentations usually without any musical accompaniment.  Each performance includes choral poems, individual performances, raps, songs and chants designed to uplift African American people and to teach and learn Black history.  The Youth of YGB attend over 30 different schools, and come together twice per week to rehearse material, study history and prepare for their presentations.  Throughout the year YGB delivers over 70 performances in schools, museums, churches and theaters, at conferences, festivals, ceremonies and special events for audiences ranging in size from 25 to 2500.  Many of these young people are seasoned performers and have been in YGB for multiple years.  YGB is under the direction of accomplished and dynamic educators and artists with extensive experience in arts education, Black history and youth development.  

The Kids

Oakland's Young Gifted and Black performing at the 18th annual Bringing the Noise for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Performed January 19, 2015 at Nourse Auditorium in San Francisco, CA. Edited by Dimitri Moore Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/YouthSpeaks/ http://www.youthspeaks.org/

Young Gifted and Black of Oakland was formed around a group of elementary and middle school students in 2010.    We currently have over 30 members of "The Kids" spanning Berkeley, Richmond, San Francisco and Oakland, ages 7 - 14.  These kids attend 25 different Bay Area schools, and rehearse weekly at Oakland School for the Arts.  Over the past six years they have performed for thousands of people throughout the Bay Area.  They continue to be an inspiration to people young and old.

Joining YGB is a simple process that begins with contacting the organization and / or filling out this form, in the navigation bar.

BRINGING THE NOISE FOR DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. http://youthspeaks.org/mlk/ Youth Speaks celebrates the continuing life and legacy of Dr. King with a powerful and moving evening, where new voices emerge breathing life into the work and story of Dr. King.

The Black Sheroes

Since 2011 the Black Sheroes have been performing as an ensemble of YGB.  They consist of 14 young women ages 14 - 18 who attend 8 different High Schools in the Bay Area.   Many of these young women have been in YGB for multiple years.  They have performed for thousands of people , featuring at conferences, festivals, showcases, assemblies, protests, schools, rallies, and other community events.  Their unique presentations feature songs, raps, poetry and compelling individual and choral performances. They are often booked at events celebrating the power and potential of women. 


The Young Black Kings appearance live on Sway in the Morning as representatives of YGB, May 2016.  These young men were in NYC to present at the COSEBOC conference and were invited to stop by and see Sway.  #swaysuniverse

The Young Black Kings

The Young Black Kings are made up exclusively of YGB alumni and anchored by members of YGB Gold.  Under the direction of founding member of YGB Oakland Alonzo Henderson, this group has performed for audiences throughout the Bay Area, and been featured on SWAYS Universe in 2016.  All of the members of YBK have traveled to Ghana West Africa as paticipants in YGB.  The Black Kings forward principles of strength, creativity and aggression in their performances.  They are present historic and contemporary poetry, original raps, and liberation songs.  They are symbols of Black pride and power.


YGB Gold


In 2012 5 members of Young Gifted and Black graduated from Middle School and traveled to Ghana, West Africa on a journey of discovery.  After touring, performing, experiencing the homeland first hand, and serving as the first members of YGB to do so, these youth returned and formed YGB Gold, aka Black Gold.  Over the course of the following three years, these alumni performed throughout the Bay Area and spread the word of Young Gifted and Black throughout youth and social justice communities all over California.  They electrified audiences at rallies, schools, conferences and festivals throughout the Bay Area.  They opened for an array of poets and MC's including but not limited to Talib Kweli, Amir Sulaiman, Saul Williams, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Dead Prez, Dr. Joy Degruy, Dr. Anthony T. Browder, Chinaka Hodge, KRS One, Bobby Seal, Ericka Huggins, and a host of others.  YGB Gold is currently not available for booking.