Many of the alumni of YGB are accomplished artists in their own right, performing at a very high level in various various ways including as poets, scholars, live performers, rap artist, performance artists, youth directors and so much more.  We have alumni who have been Poet Laureates, MC Champions, featured in major media like the Huffington Post, performing at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, releasing albums, writing plays and leading our YGB on a weekly basis.  We are immensely proud of our alumni as they carry the legacy of what YGB represents forward into their independent lives. 

alumni Feature Video 600 young people from across the world take center stage at the 19th Annual Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.  The second girl to the left is none other than former member of YGB Gold and Youth Director of the Black Sheroes, Nia Leilani Lundvist.  


Obasi Davis is a founding member of Young Gifted and Black of Oakland.  He began is time with YGB when he was in 7th grade and continued to attend in various capacities including participating in the first YGB International Tour to London and France.  Over the next three years Obasi won the Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam twice, and attended Brave New Voices representing the Bay Area.  He was named the 2013 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate, and he received a full scholarship to the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the First Wave Program for Hip Hop Arts.  Obasi currently majors in Fashion Design, produces and performs Hip Hop music and works in graphic design.  



Amari Chatmon is a founding member of Young Gifted and Black. He joined when he was in 5th grade and traveled to Ghana as a member of YGB in 2012.  Amari was a founding member of YGB Gold.  Amari also has had success as a writer and performer.  He is the three time defending Bay Area MC Olympic Champion and attended and competed in National MC competitions.  He is the 2016 Brave New Voices National MC Olympic Champion, and was the National Runner Up  in 2015.  His music has been featured in "King Makers" a film that highlights the African American Male Achievement Initiative in Oakland.  He has been amazing audiences throughout the Bay Area having opened for PE2.0, STIC of Dead Prez, and others.


JAX is Sai Jackson, Aman Jackson, Sudan Jackson And Ayo Jackson, an award winning live band of siblings all of whom are former members of Young Gifted and Black.  Two of these young people traveled not the 2012 tour to Ghana, West Africa and were members of The Kids and YGB Gold.  These youth play multiple instruments, write, compose and perform their own songs and travel widely to share their gifts.  They currently reside in Haiti, and return to the Bay Area frequently to share their talent with friends and family in the Bay.  JAX has a super bright future as a group.


Imani Love was a founding member of the first all girls High School YGB Ensemble, The Black Sheroes.  She spent two years in YGB until she embarked on a more serious career as a poet, song writer and artist.  She since won the Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam, competed at Brave New Voices, was a finalist in for the 2014 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate Program and received a scholarship to attend School of The Art Institute of Chicago.  For her freshman project she recently won National acclaim for a photo series examining appropriation of the bodies of Black Women. Her expose was featured in media around the country including AfroPunk, Huffington Post, Unworthy and other platforms.

 Nia at Brave New Voices 2016

Nia at Brave New Voices 2016

Nia Leilani Lundkvist is a former member of YGB Gold and also the first Youth Director of the Black Sheroes.  Nia is an accomplished actress, having starred and received awards for her performances in several plays at her alma mater Oakland School for the Arts.  As a poet she has competed for years in the Youth Speaks Teen Poetry Slam, and last year competed in Atlanta Word Works Teen Slam.  Nia won a spot on the Atlanta Youth Poetry Slam Team and competed at the Brave New Voices International Poetry Slam in 2016.  Team Atlanta made it to the Finals, taking second in the country in youth poetry, after stellar performances in a highly competitive final round in the historic John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.  

Nia is currently a sophomore at Spellman College in Atlanta, where her artistic career will continue to grow.


Ikera Davis served as the inaugural Youth Director of YGB in 2016.  Her extensive performance experience inside and outside of YGB, and as a founder of YGB Oakland, The Black Sheroes and YGB Gold she has a lot to offer the organization.  She is currently serving as Director of "The Kids" which is the main YGB group in Oakland.  She assists in other aspects of the administration of YGB.  Ikera is currently a full time student at Diablo Valley College who continues to make time to support YGB. 

YGB Gold

In 2012 5 original members of Young Gifted and Black graduated from Middle School and traveled to Ghana, West Africa on a journey of discovery.  After touring, performing, experiencing the homeland first hand, and serving as the first members of YGB to do so, these youth returned and formed YGB Gold, aka Black Gold with the alumni who did not travel with them.  Over the course of the following three years, these alumni performed throughout the Bay Area and spread the word of Young Gifted and Black throughout youth and social justice communities all over California.  They electrified audiences at rallies, schools, conferences and festivals throughout the Bay Area.  They opened for an array of poets and MC's including but not limited to Talib Kweli, Amir Sulaiman, Saul Williams, Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Dead Prez, Dr. Joy Degruy, Dr. Anthony T. Browder, Ericka Huggins, and a host of others.  YGB Gold is not available for booking.

Featured Performances

Young, Gifted and Black of Oakland presents:, "Welcome To Us". Performers are YGB Gold, An ensemble poetry group of young teens that teach history through spoken word. 

Oakland based youth performance ensemble YGB Gold took a second historic trip to Ghana, West Africa in 2014. They filmed this video in freedom square. the site where legendary Black Hero and former President of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah declared Ghana's Independence from The United Kingdom.

Young Gifted and Black is a group based Oakland, Ca that teaches African American History through poetry, rap and song. Find out more at Donate to Black Power at

Young, Gifted and Black focuses on intensely studying African-American history and culture through spoken word, poetry, music, and travel. To learn more about the power of these young people, please go to the Young, Gifted and Black 

YGB For Oscar Grant and Victims of Police Violence

The Alan Blueford Center For Justice created this video with love & in solidarity with the family & community of Oscar Grant.  The video features Oakland Based performance group Young Gifted and Black

Young Gifted and Black of Oakland has been performing this song for two years in honor of Oscar Grant and then Trayvon Martin. We are saddened to have to continue to send this message to the world. #RIPMikeBrown #Dontshoot #theycantgunusdown #ygb #blackgold
To open the year, YGB honored the memory and legacy of Oscar Grant, in protest of Police Brutality, and injustice. Black Gold performed at the Fruitvale Bart Station on January 1st, 2014 as part of a commemoration hosted by the Oscar Grant Foundation. This is part 1 of that performance
Young Gifted and Black is a repertory group that uses poetry and rap to teach African American History. Based in Oakland, California the group has performed extensively throughout the Bay Area, and overseas in Europe and Africa. Here they are premiering a unique song about ending violence in the streets of Oakland.