Young Gifted and Black of Oakland has launched a month long on line fundraising campaign to raise money for their work of bringing black history and pride to the world.   This years campaign is called $93 for YGB to honor the 93rd birthday of Malcolm X.  We are sure the work we do to promote and teach black history, and to stand in solidarity with seekers of justice is consistent with the legacy of our great ancestor.  Armed with his words and the words of his elders, contemporaries and followers, YGB spreads our love for ourselves and pride in where we come from, to institutions throughout the Bay Area.  


In our 8 years of operation we have never received any grants.  Our income to make our rehearsals and performances happen comes from our generous community of supporters including parents of the youth, institutions that book us to present, and the money we raise from individuals who believe in what we do.

This Fundraising campaign is supported by the parents of YGB, Edutainment For Equity, and co sponsored by Red Bay Coffee, who has agreed to provide a bag of coffee for everyone who donates $93 to our campaign.  We are encouraging those who really want to support in a larger way to become Fan Fundraisers on our platform and help us raise resources to support our work.  Your participation will ensure that this campaign is a success, and that we can start the year strong in the fall.

Young Gifted and Black is run exclusively by volunteers.  As another group of our founding members transitions into college, we are focused on sustaining the program by building on the legacy they are leaving for another generation of Oakland youth.  Your contributions and consistent effort to keep these young people engaged does wonders for their lives and for the lives of those they encounter.  Thank you for your years of support.  Please donate to the $93 for YGB campaign.