Hodari B. Davis


These are songs

Written for Black Children to sing

Elegies to a forgotten past

These are poems

Written in honor of those warriors, freedom fighters, artists, ancestors

Who did things to put in the minds, mouths, and hearts and souls of our people

These words are mantras

For late night meditation

Written to be dreamed and memorized

Recited and performed

These are lessons

Meant to be taught in real time

The making of heroes requires repetition

The making of sheroes requires consistency, requires reciprocity, culture

To save ourselves,

We must save you

You must save us

We must save them

Requires awareness, acceptance, actual application of what we know is right

Out of the mouths of babies

You’ve got to do better

We must expect better of our selves

We cannot become the wretched of the earth

The forgotten victims of our own undereducation

Willing slaves feeding a system bent on our annihilation

These songs were written for us

So we survive another generation

We cannot afford to not know the words.