The Young Black Kings recently returned from a historic trip and tour in NYC.  They presented at two conferences, took in sites and tours in New York and appeared on Sway in the Morning with Marlon Wayans and Terrance J.  This incredible experience was sponsored by the Oakland African American Male Achievement Initiative, and they traveled as representatives to present at the 10th Annual National Conference of Schools Educating Boys of Color.  

On arrival to New York, YBK traveled immediately to Sway in the Morning and presented YGB, AAMA, Youth Speaks and their role in NYC.  They also performed several pieces and ripped bars live on air. Their performance was extremely impactful for them and for those they represent. Parents were super excited, other kids in and out of the program were buzzing, and during that time we raised over $15K toward our forthcoming trip to Ghana. Overall it was a great experience.

At COSEBOC YBK opened the conference with a dynamic performance spanning over 50 years of Black History, and featuring pieces by Dudley Randall, Margaret Walker, Tupac Shakur and Artistic Director Hodari Davis.  Their performance received a standing ovation and was a welcome addition to the amazing presentations and workshops that were part of the COSEBOC conference.