So its unusual that YGB would even appear on an album, but longtime YGB parent and friend Tommy Sheppherd ushered us into this journey by attending a YGB rehearsal and recording the youth.  At the rehearsal Tommy also interviewed YGB Director Laroilyn Davis and talked with the kids about solidarity and ally ship.  Both of these conversations were then placed as interludes including other elements of the rehearsal on the Alphabet Rockers Children's Album Rise Shine Woke.  Our youth were proud to be a part of the experience, and openly shared their perspectives on a number of issues that the album addresses.  Since little Tommy has been a member of YGB for several years, the young people freely participated, including young Zion who subsequently left YGB to continue working on the album.  

Long story short, the album has been named as a finalist to receive the 2018 Grammy Award for Children's Album of the year.  Also included on the album are other Bay Area celebrities, parents and friends of YGB.  Upon hearing the news the youth were very excited.  They all had copies of the album already, and were happy to hear of the national success the record seemed to be having.  The critical part of the album is the way it encourages young people to have conversations that many adults are scared to have.  The record is a marvel in the way that it evokes empathy and solidarity between races and helps create space for a new generation of people to tackle the misunderstandings and insincerity that often cause division in the US and around the world.  YGB is honored to have been part of such an amazing project.

Stay tuned to find out if Alphabet Rockers wins the Grammy.  They have already won the loyalty and respect of YGB.