YGB Operations Director and CEO of Edutainment for Equity Candice Antique released a new music video on Afropunk.com for a song called "Burn".  Directed by YGB Artistic Director Hodari Davis and also featuring YGB Parents Tommy Shepherd, and Cat Brooks the video traces African American resistance from the Sit ins of the 1950's to the Black Lives Matter Movement of today.  The video is a powerful testimony to the continuation of struggle against forces that seek to oppress the progress of African American people.  The video is currently only available exclusively on the Afropunk website, but will soon be featured on other platforms and available for everyone to see on and off line. We are very excited for this video release and to be so connected to the community of artists that put it together, especially Oaklands own Antique Naked Soul.

Here is the link to the article and the video.